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How to Use Google My Business For SEO?

When people search for a business or a place online near their location, they will find results relevant to their location. Google shows local results that are relevant to the searcher. As a marketer of your business, you can take leverage Google My Business as a tool that you can integrate with your marketing strategy.

In this article, we'll share more information about what GMB is and some tips that you can apply to your business.

How Does Google My Business Work?

Google My Business (or GMB) is a service that helps local businesses get listed online.

All we require for using the application is that you have some face-to-face interaction with your customers.

You may download the application here. Google My Business listings don't really work for businesses that are 100% online.

Google is the ultimate search referrer, whether you need foot traffic or web traffic. Creating a Google My Business page ensures that your business will appear when an internet user searches on Google Search or Google Maps.

Role Google My Business in SEO

1. Enter all the required information in Google My Business

To complete your Google My Business profile, Google wants you to answer several questions.

You will now have valuable basic data about your business available to potential customers to make it easier for them to learn more about you.

Those fields can be filled out by someone else if you don't. Most people don't realize that your competitors can suggest a change in your business listing (or "edit" it) - and you don't need permission.

2. Keep in touch during COVID-19

We have been treated to many surprises in the last two years. There have been many craziness-causing events, but COVID-19 carried the most weight on its tail (and continues to do so).

Whenever COVID-19 restrictions or mandates cause stores to operate differently than usual, businesses can update their profiles on GMB to ensure customers get accurate information.

In the time of the pandemic, newly added capabilities will assist existing and potential customers.

Businesses can customise business hours and post localised content in addition to:

  • Closed temporarily store.

  • Take control of delivery options.

  • Consider adding health and safety features.

3. Choose a Location

Choose Yes if your customers can visit your physical location. Enter your physical address. Also, you may be required to place a marker on a map to indicate the location.

The service area you offer can be listed even if your business doesn't have an actual location customer can visit.

4. Add Keywords

Google's search results are affected by many different signals, just as traditional SEO.

Your Google My Business listing will be incredibly helpful if you include relevant keywords and search phrases.

These should be included in the business description and every Local Post your post.

5. Include Photos

Businesses and marketers probably do not realise how much photos boost listing performance. Google Maps tool shows 42% more requests for driving directions on listings with photos and 35% more click-throughs to websites with photos than those without.

6. Post local posts

You can advertise events, products, and services directly on Google search and maps with Google My Business.

Engaging with your audience and keeping your Google listing fresh is possible with posts. Mobile applications can be accessed on a computer, a tablet, or a phone.

Direct feedback from businesses and their representatives about their businesses can also influence Knowledge Panel breakout sessions.

7. Answer customer reviews & managing them

Responses to reviews show clients that your company values their reviews and feedback relating to them. When potential customers research your business, positive reviews will have a positive impact.

Furthermore, they improve your company's search engine rankings. Set up a link on your website that customers can write reviews for your business to encourage them to leave feedback.

Bonus Tip

In addition to providing access to insights, having a Google My Business profile has another advantage. Google My Business provides insights that go beyond Google Analytics.

Keep track of how many customers are looking for you, calling, asking for directions, and clicking on your photos.

You can use the data you gain from this to optimise your web strategy and help you create better content.

If you have any questions on optimising your website or how to Google My Business, feel free to contact us.

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