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Business owners have access to a myriad of digital tools to plan and organise their ideas and translate them into actionable items.




They end up becoming unorganised, and messy and not having a consistent content strategy.


There are many reasons why this happens.


But sometimes, even with the digital tools they have access to, they still use the good old pen and paper to organise and plan.

Social Media Planner 2024

    • A5 Size, 150 pages
    • Hardbound, Gold spiral
    • 2mm board, matte film
    • Inner pages: 140*210mm
    • 2024 General Holidays Overview
    • Business Goals
    • Marketing Goals
    • Customer Persona Profile
    • USP
    • Content Pillars
    • Content Development
    • Social Media Audit
    • KPI Tracker
    • Monthly overviews beginning each month
    • Content Strategy
    • Content Creation
    • Weekly Pages
    • Monthly Performance Tracker
    • Year-End Summary
    • Action Plan for 2025
    • 23 Note Pages
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