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Easy-to-Follow Steps in Creating Instagram Reels in Hong Kong

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

A bit lost? You're not alone. Here's a step-by-step guide on how you can create reels for your business. 🙌

When the Instagram Reels feature was launched in August 2020, it rolled out in only 50 countries. Fast forward to 2022, this feature is still not available to all users in Hong Kong. Even to those who have "access", it's not that easy to navigate it and create a reel.

Granted you have a Creator or Business account, you can follow these steps. Here's how. 👇

Option 1:

1. Go to your favourite account that posts reels. You can search for #reels and find the video with trendy audio that you want to use. For this example, I'll go to @reelstips and choose the "iPhone tutorial" reel from their feed.

2. Click the reel and click "Use Audio". For this reel, you would need to use 18 video clips.

3. Click the "+" sign on the bottom left side to choose the clips you want to upload.

4. Trim the clip and time according to the audio. Then click "Add".

For this particular audio, here are the timings:

Clips 1-8: 0.2 sec each

Clip 9: 1 sec

Clip 10: 0.6 sec